Meet the Fine Folks Behind RMP

All the people listed here are Independent Contractors who come together to produce great books for Rocky Mountain Press. These talented professionals are highly skilled, easy to work with, and reasonably priced. We recommend them!

? Editor-in-Chief

DSTaylor240x240Dave Taylor (Book Editing Services)

Everything published by Rocky Mt. Press goes under Dave’s talented red pencil. From Developmental Edits to final Copy Edits, Dave is the man. (He also runs his own manuscript editing service over at thEditors.com, but as RMP grows, we’re hoping to keep him all to ourselves!)

✏️ Editing & Proofreading

KeithMoserKeith Moser (Proofreading)

Keith, our proofreader extraordinaire, is a rare find. Not only does he check if the accent in Arpège is “going the right way” (it was not), he fact-checks everything from “Should ‘dumpster’ be capitalized?” (yes) to whether or not there was a full moon on the night specified (there was). When he’s not wearing his Proofreader’s Cape, he shines his light on theatre productions (Keith tells us it’s “theatre” if you’re talking about a “theatre company” and “theater” is you’re talking about a building) in and around Lehigh Valley, PA.

Michael Golvach (Proofreading)

As an author himself, Mike understands how critical it is to produce clean, error-free books. His comprehensive approach to identifying possible word usage mistakes (know the difference between backward and backwards? Mike does.), attention to detail, and quick turn-around time make him a valuable asset.

DeanneCharltonDeanne Charlton (DCharlton Edits)

Deanne has an eye for English grammar, usage, & mechanics—along with plot & character development. She also brings a vast amount of experience in the publishing industry (both fiction and non) and life experience. (Did you know that Français is capitalized when you mean “the people of France” but NOT when you are referring to the language? We didn’t.) Things sparkle after they make it past Deanne’s steady gaze.


Download the Brochure

Download the Brochure!

Jenny Dwight (Inspire Proofreading)

Jenny’s eagle eye, attention to detail, and well-organized reports make her an indispensable part of our publishing process. She’s a Kiwi who lives Down Under (and proofreads both British and American English). She’s definitely Top Shelf with us!

HelenBaggottHelen Baggott (Author Services)

Helen makes it her business to help authors produce the highest-quality manuscripts possible. From typesetting to layout to proofreading, Helen does it all. She lives on the other side of the Pond, but we love how she doesn’t let one stray drop splash into the boat.


? Audiobooks

NoahNoah Michael Levine (Voice Actor & Producer)

Noah is a man of a thousand (million?) voices. In the Between Two Evils series by D. L. Orton, he’s the voice of Diego (and Tego, Dave, Matt, Picasso, Agent Dick, and a lot more!) He and his recording partner, Erin deWard, won the Audie Award in 2016 (the highest honor in the audiobook production world!)

ErinErin deWard (Voice Actor & Producer)

Erin is a Shakespearean actor with an irresistibly mellifluous voice. She’s Isabel (among others) in the Between Two Evils audiobooks and brings warmth and depth to the female characters. She and Noah have an “on stage” chemistry that brings the relationship between Isabel and Diego to life. Go have a listen!

✍? Illustrator
Crossing In Time Chapter 3 Illustration

MicahMcDonaldMicah McDonald (Illustrator)

When Micah puts pencil to paper, wonderful things happen! He’s been doing the illustrations for D. L. Orton’s Between Two Evils books for years, and readers love his quirky, clever, drawings.

? Book Design & Layout

Nano UrbinaNano Urbina (Book Designer)

Like the drop-caps in our books? Or the full-page color images? This is the guy who makes it all happen. From making sure the “Table of Contents” works on the iOS Kindle App to ensuring the illustrations and images look great on phones, tablets, laptops and print books, Nano does it all.FireAndFurry

? Book Covers

Andreea Vraciu (Cover Designer)

Andreea is a wizard when it comes to putting together book covers that are powerful, clever, and eye-catching. She lives and works in Romania, and we’re very glad to make use of her talents here at Rocky Mt. Press.

Crossing In Time (Between Two Evils #1) by D. L. OrtonLost Time (Between Two Evils #2) by D. L. OrtonB3_Cover_3DB5_Cover_3DB4_Cover_3D

⭐️ Publicity & Promotion

Booktasters LogoBooktasters (Book Reviews)

@Booktasters helps Rocky Mt. Press connect our books with new readers and reviewers. These fine folks are easy to work with, affordable, and provide diverse and avid new readers in a variety of genres. We partner with Booktasters to help spread the word about our great books and their great readers!


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